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Carpet Whipping

At Crusader we can turn your waste off cuts of carpet into useful mats, rugs and runners to compliment and protect your new carpets.
We can make rugs of virtually ANY SIZE and COLOUR.

Carpet Whipping:

Carpet Whipping
Carpet Binding
Over 700 colours / shades of yarns

Carpet whipping is a continuous yarn that wraps around the edge of the carpet making it look more like part of the carpet. It is a great way to give a subtle look of elegance and quality to your rug without a lot of extra expense. The width of the stitching is approximately 15mm.

Our machines produce a quality finish with very close stitches.

We can usually match the colour from our vast stocks of wools and man made yarns with over 700 different shades in stock at any one time. We usually match the edging to the colour of your carpet, however , you can have a contrasting colour if you wish to totally change the look of the rug.

We will cut / square up your pieces to ensure a neat straight edge.

Our large 1200 square foot workshop and latest high- tech equipment enables us to edge carpets of
ANY SIZE from a small door mat to a complete roll of broadloom carpet. We specialise in room sized rugs.

We can produce shaped pieces including circles, oval, half-moon, bathroom pedestal mats, stair runners, conservatory carpets, shaped caravan, motorhome and boat carpets and cab mats, bespoke car mats and boot liners.

We can whip the edges of almost any type of carpet and thickness from foam backed to axminsters and cord carpet to thick saxony. We can make up rugs of any size utilising your own carpet or choose from an extensive range of carpets and offcuts in our showroom.

Carpet Binding:

Carpet binding is an alternative way to edge a carpet. With binding a strong decorative tape is folded over the edge of the carpet and stitched on. The width of the binding is approximately 10mm.

Colours and shapes are more limited than carpet whipping and the process is only avaliable for smaller pieces of carpet, car mats and stair runners. Usually when tight corners and inner angles are produced with binding the material does not stretch and "lifting" of the corners can occur. We therefore recommend whipping for caravan and motorhome carpets for a neater finish.

Carpet, Rug Repairs & Alterations:

We offer a full carpet / rug repair, alteration and re-tufting service. If you have a rug that is damaged we may be able to repair it. We have carried out many successful repairs to rugs and carpets that would have otherwise had to be replaced. Incidents such as cigarette burns, pet damage , fringe removal etc are all possible repairs.

Please contact our workshop direct to discuss.